What We Do

The world is changing. Information is growing faster than our ability to manage it. This creates enormous complexity and risk while making it difficult for organizations to generate real value. Despite this looming crisis, most organizations struggle to master their information.

The ideal time for an organization to learn that its information policies, IT practices, or Legal Hold procedure is broken is not in the middle of a lawsuit or investigation. At Tritura, we focus on helping clients proactively establish an information governance foundation that prepares organizations for whatever may come, including lawsuits, investigations, divestitures, mergers, and perhaps most importantly growth and success.

  • Effective information governance relies heavily upon the effective use of technology. At Tritura, our technology professionals know how to use technology to solve information governance challenges.


    Our services include:


    Data Migration and Classification.   When you need to make sense of, or move, large amounts of data, we can help. Our team has the ability to create a data remediation and auto-classification strategy, and we have the technology to cull through and organize the data. When dealing with data, it is essential to not only look back at what you currently have, but plan and organize new data as it is generated.


    Compliance Programs.   Our team can help shed light on current data and behaviors to detect and prevent misconduct and identify issues before they fully develop. We have the knowledge and technology to identify patterns of conduct and provide clients with an early warning so they can act before significant liability develops.


    Technology Consulting.   Our team has deep knowledge across industries. We can help you assess, make recommendations for purchase, and then implement new information systems.


    Board and Control Group Protection.   It is crucial in information governance to ensure that the confidential data of your board members or control group is not lumped in with the general data of the company. We can help establish a system for a company’s board members so that communication channels are strictly controlled. We can also help segregate a defined control group’s data so that confidential information is handled with heightened security.

    We don’t review documents; we develop facts—quickly and efficiently, driven by strategy to achieve client outcomes.


    With the proliferation of data and the costs associated with eDiscovery, the ability to quickly harvest and develop critical facts is paramount to successful legal objectives. Through years of experience, Tritura has formulated a methodology that allows us to quickly analyze large amounts of data and develop important facts and issues. This is what greatly reduces the expense of eDiscovery using Tritura. eDiscovery doesn’t have to be inherently expensive. Doing it poorly is what is costly.


    Our fact development analyses are conducted by a core team of attorneys who become subject matter experts on the key issues of the matter. Using powerful analytic tools and technology-assisted review, we are able to quickly identify key documents and follow the clues within them to additional critical elements of the case. Developing these facts at the earliest stages allows us to assess your position in a case, ultimately driving strategy and earlier resolution of the matter.


    Linear document review is deservedly becoming a thing of the past. It has proven to be inefficient and, more importantly, ineffective. We have overcome the inefficiencies of traditional doc-by-doc review by refining iterative techniques to gather similar documents into larger subsets to code them consistently, building upon our findings to identify target-rich data sets within the document universe, utilizing advanced analytical functions such as predictive coding and machine learning. We employ extensive quality control measures like statistical sampling, null set analysis, and outlier classification analysis to prove the accuracy and sufficiency of our processes. In short, we combine astute legal strategy with advanced technology to tell you what happened, and sometimes more importantly, what did not.


    We have also mastered one of the greatest inefficiencies of traditional document review, the transfer of knowledge from the review team to the merits team. Our entire fact development strategy is centered on delivering the facts necessary for the merits team to make legal decisions. We organize the facts to match the legal elements of the case, obviating the need for expensive and time-consuming second- and third-level reviews. We also provide a written report of the facts, as contained in the documents and cited to them. We do all of this in a fraction of the time (and cost) it takes for traditional review, and we can prove it is significantly more accurate.


    Our fact development strategies are successful not only in litigation but in many circumstances outside of the typical litigation preparation context. We have utilized our innovative services to assist clients in a variety of scenarios, including the vetting of potential executives and appointees, revisiting M&A due diligence to rectify valuation disputes and achieve purchase price adjustments, and in internal and whistleblower investigations.


    Quite simply, our proven fact development strategies put our clients in a superior command of the facts, and facts drive resolution. Give us a call today and let us show you what we can do.

    Document review is broken. It’s too expensive. It’s not intelligent.


    You don’t need armies of attorneys. You need strategic thinkers driving smart technology. This is Tritura.


    eDiscovery success is no longer about processing data faster. It is about getting to the facts faster. Those who understand the facts at the beginning of the eDiscovery process⎯not at the end⎯will design better case strategy and drive down eDiscovery costs.


    When clients source eDiscovery services⎯like collection, processing, hosting and review⎯from Tritura, we help their counsel develop their legal strategy hand-in-glove with their technical strategy. This is critical as the courts and adverse parties continue to grow increasingly sophisticated.


    Our services include:


    Identification and Collection.   Working with eDiscovery counsel, we help effectuate legal strategy for identifying and collecting relevant electronic information in a defensible manner.


    Processing, Hosting and Production.   At Tritura, we have a wide variety of leading technology in place for the processing, hosting and production of electronically stored information (ESI).


    Fact Development Services.   We see document review as fact development. We pioneered the use of advanced technology and specialized document reviewers to quickly harvest the critical facts from the evidence. Getting to the facts faster empowers better case strategy and drives down cost.


    Supporting Investigations and Audits.   Outside of the litigation context, our experience in quickly and strategically harvesting the facts from our client’s data is equally critical. Our clients rely on this experience to provide key information to counsel for a variety of scenarios, including regulatory examinations, internal investigations, and audits.

    We utilize some of the most powerful analytical technology on the market to help achieve our clients’ information governance and eDiscovery goals. Among our technologies are Recommind’s Axcelerate® and kCura’s Relativity® platforms. Whether you need intelligent data migration or remediation, an in-depth understanding of your data, or predictive analytics for eDiscovery review and production, we have the technology to help.

    For many years, Tritura has provided high quality trial support services. Our experienced trial support consultants are ready to assist with trial preparation and presentation of evidence, regardless of location and often times on short notice. We understand every trial is different, we will work with your team to customize a unique plan for your specific needs.


    Our services include:


    Document and Case Management.   Using Relativity Fact Manager, we can assist with case strategy and analysis throughout the various phases of litigation – allowing you to organize details of a matter, such as facts, issues, people, organizations, and documents.


    Project Management and Logistics.   We work with your team every step of the way to ensure your trial goes as smoothly as possible. From shipping to catering to ground transportation, we take care of all of the little details so that you can focus on the legal aspects of the case – and not who’s going to run out to pick up lunch.


    Deposition Preparation.   Relativity Binders gives you quick and easy access to your documents whenever and wherever you need them.


    Exhibit Preparation.   Whether you’re starting with an existing production document database or need high-quality images from multiple sources, our team can help organize your exhibits for trial and prepare them for loading into Trial Director or other presentation software.


    War Room Setup and Preparation.   Our team will work with the hotel and service providers to make sure you have everything you need to be productive in your “office away from home.” We set up all of the infrastructure, equipment and supplies and can provide on-site and on-call staffing based on your team’s needs – whether it’s only an hour a day or 24/7 coverage.


    Trial Graphics.   One of the most important tools in helping you win your case is creating powerful graphics for your in-court presentation. Whether it’s plain text, charts, maps or animations, we’ll make your presentation look sharp and professional so you can wow the judge and jury.


    Video Deposition Clips.   Using Trial Director and other video editing software, we can create video clips for presentation at trial based on your deposition designations. Video clips can also be exported for use in PowerPoint and other presentations.


    Trial Technology and Presentation (aka “Hot Seat”).   We believe courtroom technology should enhance the presentation of your case – the last thing you need in the courtroom is somebody fumbling around searching for documents. Our Trial Director certified technicians have years of experience and will ensure your presentation goes smoothly.


    Real Time Court Feeds.   We can assist your team with setting up a live, real-time feed of the trial testimony. Using web-based technology, you can monitor how the trial is going whether you’re sitting in the courtroom or halfway across the country.



    Please contact Chris Graves with any questions at chris.graves@trituraig.com.